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Our Policies Are Designed For Your Ease & Efficiency.

If you had a hidden camera in our office you would see a staff of very happy people who love what they do. We know everyone says that, but for us it's true. We don't train our people to be nice, we simply hire nice people and train them well. Below, are some of things we do routinely as part of our policies and procedures.

What happens here when an order is placed with us?
1st The customer service rep writes the order up in our computer system.
2nd The order is then verified for accuracy and credit checked to make sure you are in good standing.
3rd The order is then instantly sent to the regional warehouse for same day shipping.
4th The order is then picked, packed, checked again for accuracy and shipped from our regional warehouse via FedEx, or UPS, for you to receive next day.

Need to return something?
1st Call us, fax us, or just email us and let us know what the item is.
2nd Hang up phone, and enjoy the rest of your day.
After that, here is what goes on in our office.
1st Your customer service rep prints a request for an RMA on your specific item.
2nd RMA request is then verified by operations for accuracy.
3rd Depending on the product, the RMA # will either be assigned in house by operations, or by the warehouse.
4th You receive a fax with the RMA# and instructions on what to do within 48hrs.
5th Product is picked up by UPS, RPS, FedEx, or a UPS label is sent.

How can we guarantee next day shipping?
We ship from warehouses that are strategically placed across the U.S. to insure that each region is guaranteed next day delivery at ground rates

What is your selection of products?
We supply over 250,000 different types of products. We are not a Staples, Office Depot, or a catalog company. We are wholesale brokers working for you. What this means is that we have access to virtually every manufacture or warehouse of computer and office supplies. So if the item is available, we are able to acquire it for you, have it dropped shipped directly to your office next day and at a better value. That's why we call our company Onestop

Does a portion of the proceeds really go to the American Cancer Society?
Absolutely, 100% yes! There was a gentleman by the name of Dr. Steven Heller. He was a magnificent and remarkable renaissance man. One of those rare individuals that help shape the kind of person you become. And at the peak of his life, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Just 6 months after his diagnosis at the very young age of 53, Dr. Heller passed away. Since the inception of Onestop, we have made a commitment to give a portion of the proceeds every month to the American Cancer Society.

How can you send a 4lb bag of M&M's with every order?
We developed this idea over 6 years ago. A ribbon vendor wanted to put together a promotion to reward the salespeople for selling their product. But we suggested they do something that would benefit the client instead, because that was more important to us. We suggested a huge bag of M&M's. The promotion was so successful, that we required every one of our vendors to include it in every order. And being that we do millions of dollars a year in supplies purchasing, it is a small cost for them to pay.

Why don't your catalogs have prices?
Because we are wholesale brokers, and prices do sometimes fluctuate, we want to make sure to get you the best pricing available every time. It's simply a more cost effective solution for you.

*Certain restrictions apply. Ask a Onestop representative for details.


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