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See What Our Clients Have To Say About Us.

"It goes without saying that when describing our company we are going to "put our best foot forward." However, what really speaks loudest is what our clients have to say. After all, they are candid, objective and provide a first-hand review of their experience with us."

"This is in appreciation for having such a great experience with Onestop. Your excellent products and customer service make the purchasing process easier and greater. I am looking forward to doing business with Onestop in the coming year and I am sure we will have a great experience again."

Michelle Jiang
County of Los Angeles, Department of Parks and Recreation
Procurement Unit

"As always, thanks to everyone at One Stop for continuing to provide Children's Medical Services with excellent customer service. You all are "GREAT"."

Frederick Lewis, Supervisor
Procurement Section &Warehouse
County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health
Children's Medical Services

"I just want to say that I appreciate all the good service that your provide to me, you respond fast and are flexible doing what ever is needed to get job done. You are the best service vendor I ever had, good job."

Thanh Yin
County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health
Materials Management

"MAHLE, Inc. has done business with Onestop for a number of years, now. Onestop has been extremely helpful and competitive in it's pricing and I have been very pleased in the way you stand behind your products. I know in today's market, pricing can be the number one reason for doing business with a company and I admit I was drawn to your company for that reason. But I have established a wonderful rapport with (our Onestop rep) Karen. She always looks out for my best interests and works hard to get us the best pricing available. Her upbeat attitude is an example that I wish other companies would strive to reach. All of your employees are very pleasant to work with, from the receptionist to the accounting personnel. Every time I call, they answer in an infectiously warm, positive manner. Keep up the excellent service."

Kathy Swanson

NICE, NICE, NICE you are so Nice. I really do appreciate working with you, if only we had a million like you!

Mary Jain Davis, ASM II
Procurement Services/Forms Management Section

"In our company, customer service is our primary goal! Many times we have depended on your company, Onestop, to help make our goal of excellent customer service come true. Onestop is always reliable, cost effective, and #1 in customer service.Onestop is a very important part of our team."

Yumana Yunes
Computer Department Manager

"At a design firm like The Coleman Group, our needs are quite diverse. The continual client deadline requires special service from our suppliers. Onestop meets these needs with top quality products, excellent pricing and unparalleled service. There's no need to go anywhere else, when you've got Onestop."

Susan Rosen
The Coleman Group

"National Envelope Corporation loves Onestop - it's the greatest company! Not only do they have everything a customer would want, but also the prices are great and the customer service even better. As the President's Assistant, I personally recommended Onestop to all of our (11) divisions throughout the U.S. - we gave all our business to Onestop - they deserved it!They are the most caring vendor we have."

Laurie Innes
President's Assistant
National Envelope Corporation

"The Fairmont Hotel is happy to count you as the foremost vendor for all our computer, printer, and copier supplies. During the past four and a half years we have always been more than satisfied with your reliability, enthusiasm, and friendly service. We are happy to say we have always found your products to be top of the line and cost effective but the real reason we choose Onestop, is your obvious concern for your customer's satisfaction."

Tracy Lee
Purchasing Agent
Fairmont Hotel S.F.

"Onestop has been my computer supply product company since 1994. I trust them completely I highly recommend this company and Marx, as he will give you the most cost effective products . With such an honest and positive salesperson, I am confident that Onestop will suit all of your needs."

Chris Golden
System Administrator
Lehrer's Flowers

"I have been purchasing my computer supplies from Onestop for several years now. I could easily go up the street and purchase the same items from my local office supply retailers, but choose to order from Onestop because of his terrific customer service techniques. I just tell them what I need, they looks it up, give me the best price and handles everything else. Couldn't get more simple than that."

Kristen Weaver
Purchasing Agent
Tom Hopkins Intl., Inc.

"I have been ordering computer supplies from Onestop for about a year. I find the customer service to be outstanding! Their sales reps will make you feel very comfortable when ordering, they are not pushy salespeople, they are very upbeat and positive and the products are very cost effective. Onestop stand above the crowd, they are the best!"

Carline Fajardo
Executive Assistant
Cushman & Wakefield of Arizona, Inc.

"Onestop (Your) hard work and strong ethics on how you treat your customers will always win the day."

Patrick Kelly
PSS, Inc

"I have been working with Onestop for a few years now and find them a great help with the products I need on a day to day basis. Onestop is always timely and available to get me the information and prices I need. They are honest and friendly and will always be there in a pinch. I highly recommend this company for any supplies you might need."

Donita Nowlin
MIS Manger
Perry, Hay & Chu LLP

"It is not easy finding a good, reliable computer products supplier. At least three times a week my phone will ring and somebody is trying to push their computer products on me. As a businessperson I find this very frustrating. Onestop is all together different. I have been doing business with then over the past three years, and not once have they tried to sell me a product that I didn't want. The quality of the product is what is important to me, not the quantity. I can honestly say that over the years no one can compare to Onestop in salesmanship. I highly recommend them and this company to anyone. You just don't gain a computer products supplier, but a friendship that will last forever."

Steven Tourje
Executive Assistant
NEP Telephone Company

"In today's business world, it is very refreshing to find someone like you. I have been in charge of the Westin St. Francis Information Systems department for the last 14 years. During all this time I had the benefit of dealing with many vendors. But only one stands out after all these years, and that is you (Onestop)."

Ricardo Garay
IS Manager
Westin St. Francis Hotel

"In today's business market, competition is fierce . but at the center of the chaos is a company that no one else can touch. Due to the constant growth of EBMS as a corporation, I am always needing supplies of some sort. That's were Onestop comes in. They always have what I need and even what I don't need, but that is only half of the reason why I like doing business with them. They have the rare gift of being able to put you in a good mood by just talking to you, and that's always a plus when they call me on Monday. Sure there are other vendors, they call me all the time, but they can't touch the product or service (of Onestop)."

Jarrod Stabnow
Information Systems
Employee Benefit Management Services, Inc.

"I have been dealing with Onestop for over 4 years. I always get a good deal and better quality. The most important customer relation that I get from them is 'NO PRESSURE'. They have always been there for me and my company to see to it that we (as customers) are satisfied from the point when we place an order, to receiving it, and up to the point when we use the product."

German Castillo
Star Markets, LTD.

“Upon receiving your catalog and product in the mail, I felt compelled to write this letter. Your sales representative Andrew Ysiano called me several months ago. When I picked up the phone and he identified himself, I thought, “not another toner salesman”. Having spent a good portion of my life in sales, I do tend to give sales people the opportunity to have their say, so I listened to his presentation. Andrew was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I did not make things easy for him but simply told him that we were fully stocked with supplies and did not need any at this time. He asked if he could call back at some later date, I told him he could. I hung up and promptly forgot about the whole thing. A few weeks later, Andrew called again and I gave him enough information so he could quote some pricing. I told him I was only interested in OEM supplies. He said he could supply them. To make a long story short, after several more follow-up calls, I decided to give your company and products a try. Frankly the only reason I decided to try your products is Andrew. I appreciate good service and Andrew has been exceptional. He has delivered everything he promised and more. If your products are equal in quality to Andrew, you will have a customer for life."

Paul Sprangel
Administrative Manager
Finyl Vinyl, Inc.

"I would like to say thank you to Eric Landen for being a great Account Representative. Eric has been my Account Rep. for about a year now and he has always provided outstanding service. Good customer service is hard to come by these days so its apleasure to order from Onestop, a company that cares about their customers and to have an Account Rep. like Eric who will go the extra mile for his customers. Thank you!"

Karen Borem

"I received the toner first thing this morning. I truly do appreciate your help even though, like you said is what you are there for...many people who are supposed to provide service, DON'T. Thanks!"

Sue Alderete

"No matter how your day is going, when you get a call from Onestop, you will always hang up with a big smile on your face as well as reassurance that your order will be #1 on their list. They are always willing to help with whatever crazy question you might have that day and believe me, I've had a few! So I would like to take this time to just say thanks for being the most trusted and friendly vendor for all our computer, printer and copier supplies!"

Kristin Lokken
Purchasing Assistant
Krystal Enterprises

"Since I switched to Onestop, I have not been disappointed. I have been dealing with only one of their reps, Alex Armstrong, who is very knowledgeable and professional. They continue to impress me with their excellent customer service and great prices."

Mike Lazzara
Mini Mailers

"I just wanted to thank you for the attentive way you have handled our business with your company. You have gone above and beyond the norm and I always receive your cartidges the next day. When I need something new, I know I can depend on you to do everything in your power to locate it for me. You are always careful to check back in a timely manner to see if I need anything. It is very refreshing to find a person who still believes in serving the customer. Thank you."

Sandi Rickert
McCain Traffic

"MANY COMPLIMENTS to the staff at Onestop.
Excellent quality customer care.
David Schwartz has been an OUTSTANDING Account Representative. David never fails to check up on my business at least once a week to be sure all of our services are met. I can be a difficult MIS Manager to please. I always shop for the BEST PRICE and the BEST quality products. Your company is a pleasure to deal with. The staff is always available to answer all of my questions. They are always courteous and attentive. I would not hesitate to recommend Onestop. In fact, I have ohn many occasions."

MIS Manager
Sierra Energy

"Neil, I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated. Having you as a rep has been a blessing. You have come to know exactly what I need before I do and understand all the important details. Also not only as a rep, but as an individual it is great to just talk with you, too. Thanks for being there."

Kellie Barnette
Control Desk Lead
Tree of Life SE

"It's a pleasure doing business with Onestop. Since I've started buying my computer supplies from Onestop, I look forward to placing the order. My sales representative is always helpful and courteous. The products that I order arrive as promised and I get a follow-up call to make sure that everything is to my satisfaction. If any unforeseen problems arise, like with shipping or availability, my sales representative lets me know what to expect and what he's doing to make it happen. Onestop assures that I'm happy with my order and I'm extremely pleased with the service and the products that I receive from Onestop. Thanks!"

Anonymous Federal Procurement Manager

"Onestop has amazing service and quality products. I am impressed with the attention to detail and the hard work put forth to make me a happy customer. Orders are always ontime and complete. I am very happy I found a shop for all my office needs. Thanks Onestop! "

Amanda Gering


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